The second plenary meeting of the first council of Oujiang Laboratory was successfully held

发表时间:2021-07-02     来源:Oujiang Laboratory Comprehensive Office

On July 1, the second meeting of the first council of Oujiang Laboratory was entrusted by Mayor Yao Gaoyuan and hosted by Vice Mayor Wang Chi. Lin Yijun, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Party Committee of Oujiang Laboratory; and Song Weihong, Laboratory Director, Qu Jia, the director of Wenzhou Medical University, and Xu Haiyan, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, attended the meeting. The principle investigator of the five research clusters of Oujiang Laboratory attended the meeting.


Participants listened to the report of the Oujiang Laboratory on the work progress since the first  the board of directors meeting, focused on researching the establishment of administrative institutions and operation. Based on the principles of de-administration and full decentralization,  participants reviewed and approved five documents including the administrative unit setting of Oujiang Laboratory, the rules of the director’s office meeting, the rules of PI introduction, the basic principles of personnel remuneration and the document of 5-year work responsibility. It further clarifies the five-year work assignment, provides a solid institutional framework for the next step of substantive work such as the recruitment of scientific researchers and platform construction, which will effectively promote the progress of laboratory construction.



Finally, Vice Mayor Wang Chi pointed that the laboratory should reflect the quality in the recruitment of talents, reflect the timeliness in the infrastructure construction, reflect the leadership in the construction of scientific research platforms, and reflect the characteristics in the research field. At the same time, the eight aspects of speeding up the establishment of administrative team, ensuring the space of work place, attracting Pl, the construction of research centers, the procurement of scientific research facilities, financial funds, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the optimization of ecological construction, have clarified the specific time nodes. Focus on annual goals, identify specific method of task solving, and enhance the work cooperation, build the Oujiang Laboratory into a breakthrough leader, interdisciplinary, comprehensive integration, and accelerate the creation of the science and technology innovation which "domestic first, international first-class” in the field of regeneration regulation and eye and brain health.





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