Municipal Affairs Service Bureau went to the Oujiang Laboratory of Southern Zhejiang Science and Technology City to carry out agency services

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Oujiang Laboratory, as Wenzhou’s “tower spire” to build a highland of science and technology, focuses on tissue and organ regeneration and remodeling, eye disease and visual function rehabilitation, brain disease and cognitive function rehabilitation, regenerative medicine materials, high-end medical equipment (equipment ) And other main directions to carry out research. Recently, the Municipal Affairs Service Bureau learned that since the project was listed in May this year, there are still many difficulties in the preparation and construction of the project. It proactively contacted the Oujiang Laboratory as soon as possible to jointly solve the various problems in the operation of the laboratory. Difficulties and problems in approval.


On June 8th, Qi Su, a member of the Party Group of the Municipal Affairs Service Bureau and the director of the center, convened the project agency of the Bureau and the heads of relevant departments of the Municipal Assets Planning Bureau, the Municipal Provident Fund, the Municipal Supervision Bureau, and the Municipal Social Security Bureau to the Oujiang Laboratory Conduct project consultations on site to jointly solve the problems existing in project promotion.

At the meeting, everyone listened to the introduction of the laboratory project by Yu Anjiang, deputy head of Longwan District and executive deputy director of Oujiang Laboratory. Participants involved in the adjustment of the control regulations on the site selection of the animal center, the establishment of a state-owned holding investment company, social security, provident fund, Zhezheng nail account opening, establishment of municipal government government service network account, scientific research equipment procurement approval process (import tax exemption), etc. Existing problems shall be discussed and studied, and related problems shall be coordinated and coordinated to ensure the smooth progress of project construction.


Finally, Director Qi Su emphasized that first, all relevant departments should intervene in service in advance and do a good job of guidance. The second is to set up a special laboratory project agency service class to form a joint force, strengthen the project to overcome difficulties and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the laboratory construction process in a timely manner. The third is that Oujiang Laboratory introduces a large number of first-class talents, opens up a green channel for talents, provides "full chain" government agency assistance services for recruiting talents, and helps with social security, provident funds, company registration, citizen cards, residence permits and other guarantees. .





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