"Head" of Oujiang Laboratory: The key to scientific research and innovation is to establish an environment that encourages innovation

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On May 20th, Oujiang Laboratory was officially inaugurated in Longwan, Wenzhou. As a Zhejiang laboratory for regeneration regulation and eye and brain health, Oujiang Laboratory is one of the six provincial laboratories approved by Zhejiang Province. As Wenzhou's "tower spire" in building an innovative pattern of "one district, one corridor, one meeting, and one room", Song Weihong, academician of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and director of the Oujiang Laboratory, was entrusted with an important task. Recently, Song Weihong accepted an interview with Xinhuanet and expressed his personal views on the work of Oujiang Laboratory.


Xinhuanet: What is the mission of Oujiang Laboratory?

Song Weihong

As a Zhejiang laboratory for regeneration regulation and eye and brain health, Oujiang Laboratory will anchor "domestic first, international first-class", and strive to build an internationally influential major technological innovation platform for regeneration regulation and eye and brain health, and help the province's construction "Internet+", life and health, and new materials are three major technological innovation highlands.

As Wenzhou’s “tower spire” to build a highland of science and technology, Oujiang Laboratory will give full play to its scientific research and industrial advantages, focusing on tissue and organ regeneration and remodeling, eye disease and visual function rehabilitation, brain disease and cognitive function rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine. Research on materials, high-end medical equipment (equipment) and other major areas. By integrating a number of major scientific research infrastructures and gathering and training a number of world-class talent teams, the laboratory will focus on breaking through related "stuck neck" technical problems and major scientific issues, and accelerate the achievement of a number of original, iconic, and leading results. Support and lead the development of an internationally competitive life and health industry.

The construction of Oujiang Laboratory is divided into three phases: near, middle and far. It is planned to gather a large number of high-level talents by 2025 to develop and launch a batch of innovative drugs, innovative devices and high-end medical equipment to serve the life and health industries of the whole province and the country. Towards the mid-to-high end of the global value chain. 


 △The opening ceremony of Oujiang Laboratory. Photo by Chen Xiang

Xinhuanet: As the "head" of Oujiang Laboratory, how will you carry out your work in scientific research, innovation, and personnel training?

Song Weihong

I think the key is to establish an environment that encourages innovation and create a system conducive to innovation. This is also the characteristic of Oujiang Laboratory. In terms of scientific research and innovation and personnel training, we will carry out work from the following aspects.

First, the laboratory adopts the organizational framework of "1+X", "1" is Oujiang Laboratory, and "X" includes Wenzhou Medical University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University, Cosi Technology (Wenzhou) Research Institute, Wenzhou University Such as the co-construction units in the scientific research institutes of universities, so that more institutions can be integrated together, and the role of Oujiang Laboratory can be better utilized.

Secondly, the Oujiang Laboratory will adopt an independent researcher responsibility system to carry out scientific research. Independent researchers have the right to use funds and recruit talents independently, and the laboratory will also give them full trust and tolerance.

Furthermore, the laboratory will establish a reasonable and pragmatic talent incentive and training mechanism. In terms of scientific research direction, scientific research budget, and scientific research equipment, researchers are given sufficient autonomy to allow them to boldly explore the unknown.

Finally, the laboratory will establish a reasonable distribution system, that is, innovate in the property rights and benefit distribution of the transformation of results, so that scientific researchers can get more incentives and rewards.

In short, we will learn from the systems under various systems, seek truth from facts and adapt to local conditions to escort scientific research innovation and talent training, and strive to produce a batch of high-quality results and cultivate a batch of high-level talents in 5-10 years, so that they can gather in Wenzhou. Come, help Wenzhou become a highland of science and technology innovation.


△ Interior view of Oujiang Laboratory





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